We can argue about the effectiveness of masks, because there are also studies showing that masks (particularly cloth masks) are only up to 3% effective in stopping the spread of Coronavirus when worn by an infected person with symptoms. It is ineffective for healthy people in stopping the spread as well as in preventing the reception since we can get droplets into our eyes. Scientific data even suggests that masks being worn by healthy people make them MORE susceptible a myriad of infections since they are frequently adjusting their masks and touching their faces with dirty hands.

Death rates in America have not gone up this year… they have actually gone down slightly (I can provide sources). Less people have died in 2020 than in the past four years up to this date. Less people have died from heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc this year because anyone dying WITH Covid is being attributed to on certificates as a “Covid death”. (Photo below)

In San Diego County, as of 6/15/2020, 48% of people who have died WITH Covid in their bodies are 80+, 73.4% are 70+, and 88% of people who died with Covid in their bodies are over 60. For reference, the average life expectancy rate in America is 78.6 years. This is significant because it means that 48% of people who have died with Covid were already older than the average age that DEATH kills the average American. This cannot be blamed on Covid anymore than anything else would be blamed.

For people 59 years and under, the mortality rate is a maximum of 0.4% (this number does not take into consideration the numerous people who do not get tested for Coronavirus because they have mild to no symptoms).

If we look at the numbers reported by San Diego county for people who die with Covid who are test positive and are 0-69, we have a 0.8% mortality rate, however this number is severely flawed, because as stated above, if a person HAS Covid or is presumed to have Covid at time of death, Covid is the reason of death written on a death certificate.

According to San Diego County, only 15 people out of our population of 3.3 million people have died FROM Covid.

This is HUGE because it means that the death rate across all ages 0-100+ is 6.9 e-6 or 0.0000069% for those who are positive for Covid.

Phew. It’s a lot of math, but the science matters. This has been a scam from day 1 and the mask and social distancing mandates are not changing the numbers. If you compare our county and state to those that did not shut down, those that are not masking, and those who are not all distancing our death rates do not prove these methods to be effective in saving mortal lives–meaning, the people who ACTUALLY died FROM Covid are people who would have statistically died this year with or without Covid.




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