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Joyfully Homegrown

About Me

THi, my name is Gaby.  I live in sunny San Diego, California.  I am the wife of Peter (read his blog here) and mom of five blessings on earth (Valene, Leyah, Abraham, Paul, and Elijah), and one in heaven (Natividad Gabriel). 

I am a homemaker and run an organic fabric boutique (est. 2016) as well as a cloth diaper shop (est. 2008) .  In addition to this I am an amateur photographer, a writer, an editor, and educator.  I have my Bachelor’s degree in Education and enjoy creating lesson plans and curriculum tailored to individual students–especially my own.  You can see my Educational Philosophy here.

Among many things, I enjoy reading, studying Christian theology, sewing clothing and baby items, knitting, blogging, and cooking.   I have been sewing diapers, bonnets, nursing pads, and other natural parenting items at Psalm Baby since December of 2008.

We are Orthodox Christians who took a long journey to find our faith.  We are also a super crunchy, holistic family.  We aim to maintain healthy diets by eating organic food, little packaged food, and absolutely no msg, artificial food colorings, and HFCS among other things.  We follow a low-carb real-food lifestyle. 

Although this blog is fairly new, I have been blogging since 2007 on Narrow Minded and more recently on Homemaking Simplified. 

I love social networking and actively utilize Instagram however you can also find me on Youtube and Facebook

I love getting to know my readers, so leave me a message!