St. Germanos of Constantinople on the Church

St. Germanos of Constantinople on the Church

“The Church is the temple of God, the holy precinct, the house of prayer, the assembling together of the people, the body of Christ, His name, the bride of Christ, calling forth the peoples for repentance and prayer…
The Church is an earthly heaven, in which the heavenly God dwells and moves about.”

St. Germanos of Constantinople

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St. Nikiphoros the Martyr of Antioch & Forgiveness Sunday

St. Nikiphoros the Martyr of Antioch & Forgiveness Sunday

This Martyr, who was from Antioch in Syria, contested during the reign of Gallienus, about the year 260. Through the working of the evil one, his friendship with a certain Christian priest named Sapricius was turned to bitter hatred. Nikiphoros, repenting of his enmity, tried both through intermediaries and in person to be reconciled with Sapricius, but to no avail. Later, when the persecution broke out under Valerian and Gallienus, Sapricius was seized as a Christian. When Saint Nikiphoros learned that Sapricius had been arrested by the pagans and was enduring torments for Christ, he sent intermediaries to Sapricius, begging his forgiveness; but Sapricius would not forgive him. Later, as Sapricius was being taken to beheading, Nikiphoros, hoping that Sapricius, at his end, in such a holy hour, would at last forgive him, met him on the way, fell before him, and fervently asked his forgiveness; but Sapricius forgave him not. Wherefore, though Sapricius had passed through many sufferings, and the crown of martyrdom was now awaiting him, because he disdained the chief commandments of love and forgiveness, the grace of God, which had been strengthening him in his torments, departed from him, and he told his executioners he would sacrifice. Nikiphoros immediately confessed Christ before them, and being himself beheaded, took the crown that Sapricius had cast away.

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Blessed Feast of Theophany

Blessed Feast of Theophany

“When Thou, O Lord, wast baptized in the Jordan, worship of the Trinity wast made manifest; for
the voice of the Father bore witness to Thee, calling Thee His beloved Son. And the Spirit in the
likeness of a dove confirmed the truth of His word. O Christ our God, Who hast appeared and
enlightened the world, glory to Thee.” -Troparion of Theophany



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