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The Christmas Season and Getting Rid of Clutter Before it Begins

The Christmas Season and Getting Rid of Clutter Before it Begins

Christmas shopping time is upon us. It’s such a beautiful holiday for Christian people everywhere, but somehow, no matter how much we fight it, the true message of Advent gets drown out by materialism and over-consumption. Here are a few simple ways to stop the clutter before it enters your home and steals your Christmas joy.

St. Andrew the First-Called

St. Andrew the First-Called

Today we commemorate St. Andrew the First Called. He was a fisherman by trade and the brother of The Chief apostle St. Peter. When St. John the Baptist preached the message of repentance by the Jordan River, St. Andrew responded to his call and became his disciple, and soon after became the first disciple of Christ Himself, through the teachings and directions of the Holy Forerunner.

Soon after, St. Andrew told his brother Peter of the good news–the long awaited Messiah was here. After the glorious death and resurrection of Christ, St. Andrew spread the gospel far and wide. Eventually, St. Andrew was crucified like His beloved Savior, but in the shape of an “X”.

The life of St. Andrew the First-Called

Let us praise the divine leader and namesake of courage, first-called disciple and Peter’s kinsman. For as of old Christ called to him so he now calls to us: Come, we have found the Desired One.

Kontakion of St. Andrew, Tone 2

St. Andrew, please pray for us!

The Triumph of Orthodoxy

The Triumph of Orthodoxy

Photo by Samer Shagoury

“O Christ our God, begging forgiveness of our sins, we venerate Your Pure Image, O Good One. Of Your own will You condescended to ascend upon the Cross in the flesh and deliver those You created from the bondage of the enemy. Wherefore, thankfully, we cry out, “When You came to save the world, Your filled all things with joy, O Our Savior.”

St. Germanos of Constantinople on the Church

St. Germanos of Constantinople on the Church

“The Church is the temple of God, the holy precinct, the house of prayer, the assembling together of the people, the body of Christ, His name, the bride of Christ, calling forth the peoples for repentance and prayer…
The Church is an earthly heaven, in which the heavenly God dwells and moves about.”

St. Germanos of Constantinople

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