I’m working on a reset… The Great Technology Reset in my home. This last pregnancy was physically difficult in ways I hadn’t experienced in previous pregnancies.

Feeling continually exhausted and in much pain (and having the long winter month coincide with the latter part of my pregnancy) resulted in excess T.V. Time for my kids—especially the younger ones.

Now that Lazarus is here and 5 weeks old, I’ve been feeling much better and able to get some of our rhythms back. Among those routines that I’m claiming back is keeping media off. This has been the most dreadful part, but the results have been wonderful so far.

In the past, it’s not been unusual for us to have media purges that last a week, but this was different and I’ve never had multiple toddlers needing a media purge before.

Sunday was our last week home during our 40 days. On some Sundays I turn on the TV and listen to homilies or live stream the Divine Liturgy from an East Coast parish. This week was different, I just never turned the TV on at all. I used my phone to listen to a few sermons and then we went outside and got fresh air. We worked on cleaning and organizing and the toddlers were so content that we went the full day without TV. We’ve now completed 3 days and we’ve had zero meltdowns asking for their usual line up.

For the past 2 months, I had been working on switching our toddlers off of high stimulation shoes that had crept in and opted for low stimulation shows like Kipper. I think that first step was tremendously helpful as they never got glued to watching, but would instead ask for T.V., get an early season of Kipper and then watch for 5 minutes and then get distracted and creatively play.

This blog doesn’t have a point or a lesson, just me sharing this recent experience, perhaps to encourage a mom somewhere on the internet that they too can purge their young kids from too much T.V. time, or perhaps to remind myself that this is better and not too scary of a battle to wage for the sake of my kids.


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