Sewing is back in style… in a major way. People are pulling out their old dusty machines and getting to work! I have been asked a lot of questions about materials, supplies, technique, and more over these past few weeks of lock-in. Here are some helpful products and more!

 First, the legal stuff. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only share products that I absolutley love and believe in.

Sewing machine – My favorite sewing machines are available from local sewing shops. There are a lot of benefits to supporting a local shop including basic sewing lessons, and in-shop maintenance/warranty. If you can shop local, please do so, otherwise, machines can be purchased on Amazon. If you go the Amazon (or any big-box retailer) route, buy a Asurion or equivalent warranty. The manufacturer warranties are void unless purchased from an authorized retailer (Read: local small-shop retailer/repair).

Thread – Coats and Clark All Purpose thread is the best all around option. Get some black and white thread to start.

Needles – Below are some good basic needles. I recommend going with a name brand needle like Organ, Singer, or Schmetz.

Scissors – There are a lot of different options here. If you are looking for cute decorative thread snips, you can get those here. Otherwise, Fiskars and Gingher are the best options.

Who can forget fabric? I sell beautiful certified organic fabric and independent sewing patterns HERE!

Looking for other categories? Leave me a comment and let me know what I am missing!


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