We are well into clean week with the first Wednesday Presanctified Liturgy tonight. Lent is a great time to really focus on creating great habits of reading spiritually beneficial books. I really love using Audible because it keeps my hands free and able to listen quietly in a dark room while nursing my baby to sleep at night.

 First, the legal stuff. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only share products that I absolutley love and believe in.

Here are a few favorite books available on Audible:

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Know the Faith is written very simply, yet thoroughly helps the reader/listener to understand what makes Holy Orthodoxy distinct. It addresses language differences and termonology uses that cause so much confusion when conversing with friends steeped or educated in Western traditions.

The Scent of Holiness is one of my favorite reads of all time. This book is very similar in it’s heart to Everyday Saints. The stories are heartwarming and so relatable. The narration is very “pingy” in the introduction and possibly into the first chapter, but hang in there, it’s resolved and worth the initial sacrifice.

The Sayings of the Holy Desert Fathers is a beautiful collection of sayings and short stories. The narration on this is well done. Be sure to remember that some of the sayings are very specific to celebate monasitics. If you are confused by anthing, run it by your priest.

Sermons on the Great Feasts of the Lord is a great book of short sermons by St. Philaret of Moscow. These are great to listen to in bit size amounts so that you can really let the homilies sink in. Fr. Josiah is a great narrator.

If you don’t have Audible, a subscription is really worth it since most of these books are more expensive than the monthly fee. With the fee, you get a credit to purchase one book a month of any value and it’s yours to keep, even if you cancel.

You can get a FREE TRIAL of Audible!

What we need is a little labor! Let us endure this labor that we may obtain mercy.

+St. Dorotheos of Gaza

Blessed Lent!


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