I would argue that the most troubling and obvious issue plaguing Christianity today is the fear of death. Coronavirus has ripped cover off that secret. It’s been exposed and there is no hiding this terrible and shameful fact. We, the people of the resurrection are afraid, nay, terrified of inevitable death. Our treasures have been stored here in our temporal life and we shake our fists when an aged person beyond 80 years old dies. “It isn’t fair,” we cry in anger. It is as though we believe that death is a punishment and that earth is heaven.

Everything we have claimed to be essential to our faith has been shaken to the core. Idols have been exposed.

To live is Christ, to die is gain…

St Paul’s letter to the Philippians 1:21

We have learned that these are but empty words to those we trusted with our lives–with our very salvation.

What I am, you will be, too. What you are, I’ve been myself.”
Photo from Mount Athos.

To escape death is impossible. Knowing this, those who are truly intelligent and practiced in virtue and in spiritual thought accept death uncomplainingly, without fear or grief, recognizing that it is inevitable and delivers them from the evils of this life.

St. Anthony the Great

People are now “risking” Coronavirus to protest and riot because a man died unjustly at the hands of corrupt men.

Many of us were willing to “risk” Coronavirus to be at church because CHRIST died unjustly at the hands of corrupt men and His death grants us life everlasting.

We were willing to fearlessly gather to honor HIM amid any turmoil in the world because nothing matters more than Him.

Christ is of the UTMOST importance and apart from Him changing people on an individual level, we will never see mercy and grace.

When we understand that life is but a trial and preparation for death, we might live more prepared for our earthly end and more prepared for the glorious return of Christ.

“The soul that has been given over to the will of God is afraid of nothing.”

+ St. Silouan the Athonite

Death is not the catharsis of self, “death is the catharsis of sin.”

Fr. Josiah Trenham – Sermon: The Art of Dying


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