I really struggle with routines. I find rhythms to be a more attainable and realistic goal, but even when it comes to maintaining rhythms, I tend to be flaky and unpredictable.

When I look back over the past 15+ years of being a mom, story time at nigh… me reading aloud to my kids is probably my favorite routine, a thought it’s been an inconsistent one. When all of the kids were younger, I could sit in their one shared bedroom and read to them, but as they got alder and had more than one room, I began to sit in the hallway to read to them all aloud. We have read all sorts of books from classic literature and novels, to children’s books, to history books, to synaxarion readings. All of them have been enjoyable and edifying to us in some way.

In certain seasons keeping up our night time reading has been more than challenging and when this happens, all routine goes out the window. As we are working through our digital detox (we are at about 36 hours of no media so far), I’m simultaneously trying reclaim our rhythms and routines that pertain to sleep, naps, and winding down. It’s not just important to remove things, but I’d argue that the things we replace them with are even more important.

So here I am, little by little trying to ensure that the memories that we build are memories that matter, memories that shape in a positive fashion, and memories that I can stand by in the final judgement.

As I lay here beside my sleeping littles, I remember that the digital detox isn’t a digital elimination—that’s not my aim, but I hope to find more intention in this process and to redeem more of our hours. As I near the end of my 40 days, I want to evaluate everything that is coming back into the stillness that certainly can’t last forever.


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