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“Lord, save Your people and bless Your inheritance, granting our rulers to prevail over adversaries, and protecting Your commonwealth by Your Cross.”

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Russian icon of Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (Yaroslavl by Gury Nikitin, 1680. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow).
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This is the saddest Sunday I’ve experienced in… probably, ever. It feels as though hell has prevailed. Only a select few are communing.

Some are afraid that the table of the Lord will pass disease, while others of us are left confused that we can’t continue to partake. We are feeling starved and cut off from the Bread of Life. We are told this is only temporary, yet there is no end in sight. The church world is catering to all those afraid of catching the Corona virus with little to no word to those of us who are not afraid of the virus and are virtually ex-communicated against our wills. I was hoping to have Elijah baptized this month, but all baptisms are “on hold.” My heart is heavy and broken.

Statistically, this disease is insignificant in comparison with other seasonal diseases, yet we find ourselves paranoid to be around other humans—afraid of human interaction, afraid to serve one another, afraid to worship God. I’ve seen many people on the internet declare that those who continue to worship God in groups are “selfish, reckless, foolish.”

Our world is suddenly overcome with irrational fear and panic. Christ has defeated it all, yet at this moment it feels like the Church militant has retreated. I pray for our Bishops and Priests. This is a scary time, no doubt.

During this time, there is a a great purge happening. God Himself is testing us and burning the chaff, purifying us and testing our hearts like Gold. Let us be fools for Christ and remain steadfast in prayer as we are wandering through this spiritual wilderness.

We already know the ending: God wins. ICXC: Christ is Victorious!

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, doctor, health official or anyone with any authority or authoritative voice. I am just relaying my thoughts on the current situation pertaining to Church life. By law, I am required to point you to the latest information from the CDC regarding Covid 19 which can be accessed by clicking this link.