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By Fr. Zechariah Lynch of the OCA.

At current, even within Orthodox circles, the idea is being put forth that if I, as a person, truly cared about others I would stay at home. This staying at home includes forgoing attending church.

Some are saying things like “don’t try to be a hero.” Others are proposing that staying at home is a true reflection of Christian concern and love for others.

In this post I will be addressing this issue and I will be giving an opposing view to those reflected above.

Of late, I have pointed out that in the past Christians risked everything to attend Church. Throughout the ages there have been times when attending Church could mean imprisonment, torture, or death. To this I have received the retort, “Yes but that is not an infectious disease!”

The rationale for not attending Church at current is base on the proposition that I could contract the virus and spread it to someone else. That is I could put others at risk. This risk could include them becoming sick and dying. So the underlying reason for not attending is to not put others at risk. If I do, the impression is, that somehow I’m failing in love.

Now taking the underlying rationale of “not causing risk” is a manifestation of love; now let’s consider my former argument…

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Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, doctor, health official or anyone with any authority or authoritative voice. I am just relaying my thoughts on the current situation pertaining to Church life. By law, I am required to point you to the latest information from the CDC regarding Covid 19 which can be accessed by clicking this link.