A lot of people had questions about this video! I really didn’t anticipate that. Being new to owning an induction range, I did a lot of research on the best products to keep my range clean.

 First, the legal stuff. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only share products that I absolutley love and believe in. Here are all of the products that were used to make this video on one convenient page!

Here is a link to the Weiman is the set that I used in my video.  It includes the liquid abrasive (non-scratching), a razor with a nifty handle, and a scrubbing pad.

In addition, I used an authentic Sweedish dishcloth, water, and Ecos All Purpose spray as the final cleaning touch.

For those asking, here is my favorite device to help me stabilize my recording with my phone or iPad.

Here are a few other things I love:


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