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St. Markella the Virgin Martyr

St. Markella the Virgin Martyr

St. Markella of Chios is commemorated July 22.

Submitting to the laws of the Lord’s divine teachings, you strove to keep them blamelessly, O Martyr Markella. And fearing the violence of your father, you fled from him and dwelt in the mountains. Pursuing you he found you and slew you, O undefiled bride of Christ.

Glory to Him who strengthened you.

Glory to Him who crowned you.

Glory to Him who works healings for all through you.

Apolytikion – First Mode
St. Maria of Paris

St. Maria of Paris

Mother Maria of Paris is commemorated on July 20.

You can read about the life of St. Maria of Paris on the Greek Archdiocese website here and on OrthodoxWiki here.

A wonderful audio resource on her life is within the Patristic Nectar series on Contemporary Women Saints.

Pray for us St. Maria!


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